James Edward May
November 28, 1962 - June 3, 2018
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James Edward May, age 55, of Temperance, Michigan passed away on June 3, 2018. He was born in Ashland, Kentucky on November 28, 1962 to Brooks and Brenda (Burton) May. James proudly served served his country in the US Navy for six years, completing multiple deployments on a nuclear submarine.He was employed at DTE Fermi…

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Russ Burgett left a message on June 14, 2018:
I knew Jim from the time I started working at Fermi back in 2001. I learned so much about the plant from him. Jim had a way of explaining things so that even INPO or the NRC could see the error of their ways. He was always willing to share his knowledge about everything. I'd consider him a mentor and a friend and those working under him knew that he had their backs. I had a great time fishing with him the several times we went. One time he took my wife and I perch fishing. We may not of limited out but we had fun. We went back to his house where he used his electric knife and expertly filleted two large gallon ziplock bags of perch fillets. We took the perch home, got the deep fat fryer going, got the Drakes batter mix out and started going through the perch. We actually went through both bags... and have been a fan of Lake Erie yellow perch since then. Jim had a great sense of humor too, he told me the story about when he was raising chickens and how he and the rooster didn't get along.... and how one day after the rooster attacked him, Jim drop kicked him like a football.... then the rooster got up, shook himself off and stared down Jim..... Jim told me that the rooster just glared at him and was probably thinking of "fertilizing" some more eggs so Jim could get a taste of him... And then there was the time that he was remodeling his bathroom, the cat escaped outside and a couple weeks after the cat disappeared how they heard meowing from the vents (or floor) and Jim mortified realizing his daughter's cat had gotten into the crawlspace under the house through his bathroom remodeling... and what he had to do to get it to come out... The wife and I had Jim and Dorothy over to our lake house last summer. He had a great time just sitting out in the sun on the back deck enjoying the sights. We took him on a pontoon ride on our father-in-law's pontoon boat but unfortunately, somebody didn't "Take Two" and verify that the boat had enough gas in the tanks. we ended up needing a tow back to the docks after being out for a bit. We did, however, have a great time, had some good meals and he became friends with our cat Bijou who enjoyed sunning himself on the back deck as much as Jim did. In fact, we had to do a "Cat Check" to make sure Bijou didn't "accidentally" end up in their baggage when they left. Sadly, I wanted both of them to come back this summer but he never was well enough to make it. I'll miss you, bud!
Jean left a message on June 8, 2018:
Did not know Jim as well as others but do know he will be missed by family and friends. My sympathies to my friend Dorothy.
Peter Tassi left a message on June 7, 2018:
Jim was person of the highest integrity, mixed with great intensity, commitment, firm dedicated focus on a mission. He was kind and compassionate and eager to take on new challenges. When I was at Fermi Jim was just the best on embracing CI. He wanted to learn, want his group to learn, and grow, and demonstrated by his personal commitment for all of his team to do the same. Outstanding performance and leadership that all can learn from. In the last year since my retirement I have seen Jim on a very regular basis. Jim has revealed a strong faith in Jesus and has expressed that personal commitment in his own humble matter. His fight with his illness he expressed to me – he saw as a win-win. If he stayed here on earth he would enjoy with family, friends and God and if he passed on he would enjoy eternal life with the Lord. I will miss my friend very much and I know many others will also – but I will see him again.
Cremation Society of Toledo left a message:
Please accept our deepest condolences for your family's loss.
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