When a loved one chooses cremation, they often request that their remains are scattered in a location meaningful to them. It is important for friends and family to realize there are rules and regulations about scattering cremated remains.

Scattering on Land: Ohio does not have laws prohibiting the scattering of cremated remains on land – but you do have to have permission to scatter remains on private property. When it comes to public lands, be sure to review city and county regulations, as well as area zoning rules. While some areas require a special permit, others charge a small fee, and some parks entirely prohibit the scattering of cremated remains.

Scattering in the Air: Aerial scattering is legal in the state of Ohio, though Federal aviation laws prohibit fliers from dropping objects that might injure people or property. Therefore, pilots are advised to pour the cremated remains out of the container when scattering.

Scattering in Water: You do not need a permit to scatter cremated remains – either directly into the water or in a biodegradable urn – on inland waterways, including rivers and lakes. However, when scattering remains into the ocean, the Clean Water Act mandates the remains must be dispersed at least three nautical miles from land. In addition, a registration of the disposition must be filed to the regional administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) within 30 days of scattering.