Identification of Remains

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Bob Hope



"The REPRESENTATIVE warrants and represents to FUNERAL HOME/CREMATORY that the relationship between the REPRESENTATIVE and the DECEDENT is follows: (Check the appropriate box.)"


The REPRESENTATIVE warrants and represents to the FUNERAL HOME/CREMATORY that the REPRESENTATIVE is the person or the appointed agent of the person which by law has the paramount right to arrange and direct the disposition of the remains of the DECEDENT and that no other person(s) has superior right over the right of the REPRESENTATIVE. Furthermore, I expressly authorize Cremation Society of Toledo to affix my written signature as my agent to the printed copy of this form as final execution of this document, and I am transmitting the original of this form or sending my signature to this form electronically to Cremation Society of Toledo in further confirmation of this authorization.


The REPRESENTATIVE certifies to the FUNERAL HOME/CREMATORY as follows:


The REPRESENTATIVE assumes all liability for incorrectly identifying the body or for failing to identify the body of DECEDENT and does herby agree to indemnify and hold harmless the FUNERAL HOME/CREMATORY from any claims or causes of action arising or related in any respect to the REPRESENTATIVES act of identification or omission to identify the remains of the DECEDENT.

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